You'll be able to navigate to your Twitch

  • Like always, head to Twitch's Lost Ark Gold category on Twitch(opens in a new tab) and filter it using Drops Enabled so that you can find streams that are the fastest. I like to scroll down and find a lesser-known streamer who might benefit from an additional view, but there are plenty of other tags to guide you through the search.

    Make sure to rack up your four hours prior to you go to bed. Pixel Glasses promotion ends on Thursday, August 18.

    When you've earned a drop and you've earned it, you'll receive a notification in Twitch. (Notifications are up top between whispers, and Prime Gaming Loot.) You'll be able to navigate to your Twitch home page for inventory from where you'll be required to claim the drop. Once you've done that, it'll appear in the game for 24hrs. You can find it in the inventory located next to your mail.

    Lost Ark Powerpass guide and how Knowledge Transfer works

    The Lost Ark Powerpass system is developer Smilegate's way of offering you the chance to try out other classes.

    Lost Ark locks you to your starting class throughout your time in Arkesia However, the Powerpass allows you to swiftly raise an alternate character up to your main character's levels for nothing - as long as you satisfy Lost Ark Gold for sale the requirements.