The main change is the elimination of the game's area of effect

  • World of Warcraft : Shadowlands' WoTLK Gold upcoming 9.1.5 patch is now available on the game's publicly-available test realm. New patch notes reveal even more changes coming to Blizzard's MMO that were not previously made public.

    The main change is the elimination of the game's area of effect (or AOE) cap. Introduced in Shadowlands the AOE cap ensures that the many abilities that are capable of striking multiple enemies will only affect a maximum amount of targets. This will be removed in 9.1.5 This will see abilities which are currently AOE limited instead do less damage to enemies over the first five targets.

    World of Warcraft : Shadowlands: Chains of Domination

    A developer note in the complete patch notes explains reason behind the change:

    "We've received lots of feedback about these abilities not hitting enemies in their range can cause a feel issue in WoW combat, but can also be an issue with trivial encounters like farming legacy content," the patch notes state.

    The developer's note adds that even though the total AOE ability damage will be increasing with the elimination caps, damage to the target will decrease.

    "This solution means that these abilities and the cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold they are associated with will remain in a highly competitive place in the game against packs of 4-6 adversaries," the patch notes declare. "As usual, the game's tuning is likely to change because of this change over the next few weeks based upon your feedback from this PTR."