It's getting into with this acquisition

  • "[Kotick's payment] could be an arduous pill OSRS gold to swallow for many. As a practical matter It's crucial to concentrate on the positive aspects that will improve working conditions for employees, and the role we can play in ensuring this occurs."

    Perhaps more importantly, Microsoft should know exactly what it's getting into with this acquisition. One reason Microsoft could acquire one of gaming's biggest publishers at a relatively inexpensive price is that the harassment scandal is causing a decline in that share price. As noted by lawyer Richard Hoeg, who also provided some details on antitrust issues as well as the impact of the stock price on the cultural issue are likely to be linked.

    "What I find most intriguing about the $95 per share price is how closely it is comparable to the market value of Activision earlier this year, prior to the present problems," Hoeg said. "One could even argue that it's a fair price relative to the value of Activision's underlying assets and that Microsoft is, in fact buying at a discount based on the idea that the price is being pushed down due to cultural reasons and can be "cleansed" through the acquisition (and related control of the entity that are controlled by Microsoft itself)."

    So what we have is a company that has an acceptable and clean image, buying a company with any kind of reputation, but at cost that was down due to recent scandals, and the implied expectation is that the parent company can help Cheap RuneScape gold in resolving issues. It's in Microsoft's financial interest to clean house and reform Activision's tattered image as well as the fact that it's just the right ethical choice to make.