Players are excited for cross-faction play is all the advantage

  • There's a couple reasons as to why that could be. To begin, the WoTLK Gold game's story and lore have long been the foundation to this kind of collaboration. Horde and Alliance uniting against a threat bigger than either of them has been a thing that a lot of players as well as WoW director Ion Hazzikostas have pointed out, has happened time and time again in the game's history. Even the recent Battle for Azeroth expansion, which featured a full-blown war between the Horde and Alliance, eventually led to the two factions uniting against Sylvanas and attempting to blame her for her war-mongering behavior.

    Collaboration between factions is an idea that's appeared multiple times over the time including Alliance Leader Varian Wrynn's general battle cry "for Azeroth" in the film in the games Legion expansion to Horde veteran Varok Saurfang vowing that he will "break the cycle" of bloodshed between the two factions following the closing of Battle for Azeroth. In light of that it's probably about time that the two factions got together in a meaningful manner, beyond simply standing side-by-side in cutscenes.

    Welcome to the world! Wow!

    Another reason that players are excited for cross-faction play is all the advantages it offers. Friends can play instances of content, regardless of server or faction such as. It is apparent that Alliance players are excited to form groups with their Horde peers, since it's going to be easier to find groups for content in the endgame like raids and buy WoTLK Classic Gold Dungeons. Being able to have a more active player base which can be pooled together rather than divided in half, is an excellent thing for game's health as well, regardless of whether one is playing on Horde as well as Alliance. It seems like players are more than prepared to put aside their differences and come together in order to work together, not just for Azeroth and all the benefits of the game itself.