It will also release on PC

  • As Blizzard's recent release of D2R Items Immortal has shown, the transition from a PC-based ARPG to mobile may be difficult. It's hard to say if Torchlight Infinite succeeds on that front just yet however, it's evident that XD's spin on the series will seek to attract both new players as well as veteran fans of the series. The game is set 200 years following Torchlight II, it will include familiar characters, classes and locations for those who are fans of the series, yet there's plenty new characters and system for fans to discover as well.

    While Torchlight Infinite is being made with mobile in mind, it will also release on PC. In an interview via email with GameSpot, producer Liu Heng said Torchlight Infinite will allow cross-progression. Players will be able to link their data under one account to switch between mobile as well as PC with no loss of progress. In the PC versions, players will offer a few enhancements in addition to the mobile version. These include greater camera options, bigger views, and even more control options.

    One of the biggest concerns for any game that is free to play in particular, one that relies on loot is how the game will be being monetized. On this front, Heng explained that purchases in Torchlight Infinite are broken down into two types. Features like more bag space, talent resets, and auto-looting functionality will be what Heng described as "pay-for-convenience." New heroes, as well as diverse cosmetics, will be available to purchase and fit under what Heng declared to be "pay-for-content."

    Torchlight Infinite will not sell gear or crafting materials for buy diablo 2 resurrected items, Heng said. Those items will be "strictly hard-fought-for" to ensure a fair experience for all players. Heng said to players that Torchlight Infinite won't have any stamina meter or system that limit player progress either as players will have the "freedom to kick off and finish their grinds whenever they want to."