Progression bonuses added to the July update

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    Lost Ark Sets New Round of Fever Time, With Rewards to Help Honing and battling

    Lost Ark is getting two more weekends of the weekend only Fever Time event to close the month of July. This event lets you claim rewards once on Saturday and once on Sunday. This event joins recently-added bonus progressions that were added following in July's Spells Update for Spades.
    Fever Time is a simple event, since it just requires you to collect Lost Ark Gold for sale rewards once per weekend day and is limited to one person on your roster. The rewards are more or less the same this time around. This weekend, July 23rd and July 24th, the rewards will be:

    Saturday on the 23rd of July

    3 Battle Items Chest 3 Battle Items Chest Chest 3

    Saturday, July 24th

    Honing Support Choice Chest as well as Guardian Stone Selection Pouch x6

    The following week, on the final weekend in July the prizes will change to:

    Saturday the 30th of July

    3 Battle Items Chest with 1 item along with Honing Leapstone Selection Chest II x 2

    Sunday on July 31st

    Honing Selection Support Chest and Destruction Stone Selection Pouch 3

    Progression bonuses added to the July update are still in operation and comprise those that use the Punika Powerpass, by which you can level any character in a matter of minutes up to item level 1302 through a one-time use of the pass. Furthermore, there are Hyper Express events, so every character with an item level 1302and above (including any one that is insta-leveled in your roster) is able to participate in various challenges that will help them progress to level 1370. The event also includes Abyssal Challenge Dungeons, which will rewards victorious players with tools for honing their skills.