I've hardly played any MMORPGs in the past

  • I'm not sure if that statue that is located at The Old Nite still exists However, it was near the southern end of the Wilderness (or "OSRS gold" as it's known for short) It was a huge expanse of wasteland to the north, frequented in the past by beasts and player-killers. I've never made the trek to see it. I'm a fool.

    The most significant flaw in RuneScape's gameplay, which may also be its biggest asset, is one that's found in almost every other game in the world: its sheer longevity. Between all the exciting quests and high-octane PvP skirmishes is the endless grinding out of the mundane household tasks like fishing, mining , or cooking for the sake of advancing or gain credits needed to purchase that new pieces of gear. Gotta make money somehow, right?

    While these activities may be mildly therapeutic, it's time being bored doing the same activity every day - time that could not be better spent with a few shorter, but not less traditional video games.

    Rather than being one straight combat, RuneScape is a painstaking war of attrition that is extremely long and exhausting, and doesn't ever truly end. It can also be satisfying if you're willing to dedicate the necessary time and effort into it, which I was. It was at least for a period of about a year.

    I've hardly played any cheap RS gold in the past, much to my regret and sorrow. Life's demands are a lot more intense and I simply don't have the time to allow them to lure me in. Of all games, they're by far the most time-consuming, having endless levels to attain and things to find. People have even perished at the end or after of hours-long binge sessions of RuneScape's more youthful but popular sibling, World of Warcraft, which can be considered one of the most terrifying games.