Fervor of Battle will be added as a new talent

  • The Piercing Howl will be added to WoTLK Gold capabilities, dazzling enemies while causing a sluggish effect for a short amount duration of time.The Cleave talent will be modified and will have Cleave attacking all enemies that are that are in front that of the Warrior after striking three targets with Whirlwind. This will result in causing Deep Wounds: Mastery--a bleeding effect that is scalable. effect.The Deadly Calm talent will be revised to include it's Rage price for following four abilities being eliminated and a passive ability which increases the Warrior's max Rage by a substantial amount being added.Dreadnaught will also be bringing on an ability called the Seismic Wave Azerite trait which allows Overpower to cause damage to enemies within a row. If Overpower strikes two targets with Sweeping Strikes Dreadnaught creates two powerful seismic waves.

    Fervor of Battle will be added as a new talent, where the Warrior loses themselves to their bloodthirst during Whirlwind and also Slams their primary target, gaining additional Rage.Onslaught will be added as an ability, allowing Enraged Warriors to brutally attack an enemy for a large amount of damage and generate Rage.The Frothing Berserker ability will be reimagined, when the Warrior reaches 100 Rage, they gain Haste and movement speed over a few seconds.Wrecking Ball will be returning as a talent, providing the Warrior a chance for their next Whirlwind to deal a high amount of damage.The Fresh Meat ability will cause Bloodthirst to always Enrage the Warrior the first time they strike a target with buy WoTLK Classic Gold Served Cold will increase the damage of revenge, with the damage bonus increasing after a successful dodge or parry.Menace will also be redesigned, empowering Imitating Shout to cause all enemies to cower in fear for a substantial amount of time, knocking back any that are not targeted.Indomitable will be changed to passively increase the Warrior's maximum health by a moderate amount, spending Rage while the ability is active will heal the Warrior.Never Surrender will increase Ignore Pain by a different amount depending on the Warrior's missing health.