Party speakers! Choose it!

  • If you want to fill a crowded room with your audio at a party, or you want to listen to music outdoors, you need a loudspeaker that can become very loud and has little compression at the maximum volume. High compression levels at maximum volume degrade audio quality and affect the way clear audio is reproduced when the speaker volume is increased. Most loudspeakers tend to be larger, bulkier, and less portable. However, the size of the best large Bluetooth speakers also helps them produce greater bass than small speakers.


    We have tested more than 85 speakers. Below you can find the best Bluetooth speaker we recommend. Please refer to our suggestions for the best party speakers, the best Bluetooth speakers, and the best bass Bluetooth speakers.

    The loudest budget Bluetooth speaker we have tested is sodlk. Although it is smaller than other party speakers in this list, this powerful speaker can still reach the maximum volume of 100.5db, and there is almost no compression at the maximum volume. Therefore, when you turn up the volume, your audio will sound mostly clean and pure. It is battery-powered, which means it doesn't need to be connected to the socket to work. In addition, although it takes some time for the speaker to be fully charged, its battery can last up to 12 hours at a time, which is very suitable for multiple long-term listening sessions.


    The voices of human voices and accompanying instruments appear in the mix, although there is some unevenness in the sound contour, which sometimes makes them sound harsh and dull. It also tries to reproduce the low thump and rumble, which usually appear in bass-heavy music such as EDM or hip-hop. There is a graphic equalizer and preset that you can use to adjust its sound to what you like, although it is not enough to feel the low rumble bass. Its waterproof grade is ipx5, which proves that it can withstand direct contact with water for up to three minutes, which means that it can withstand a little rain at outdoor parties.