Life needs a sense of ceremony

  • Music is abstract art, and its evaluation is very subjective. Radishes and cabbages have their favorites, and some people like cucumbers, tomatoes, or eggplants. Music is a combination of sounds, that is, the combination of air vibrations, which is much more abstract than painting, but few people say "I don't understand". We don't need to understand music. It's for listening. It's interesting to combine music with your own story and play it in your brain like a movie.


    There are two ways to fill a room, one is light, the other is music. On a rainy night, light a candle and fill the dark corner of the room. Let the notes fill the whole room, feel wrapped in the sound of people and rain, and everything around becomes bright and warm. Music is an irreplaceable and very important part of life. I can't imagine what the world would be like without music. In short, I'm glad to live in this era and let me enjoy music so much.


    A little music is very healing. I take a shower very fast. It only takes me a song. I am willing to play pure music without a human voice, and let the fatigue of the day go with the water.


    Everyone who knows how to taste life knows how to coexist with music.


    Music is like this. It can always bring peace and harmony, a sense of detachment from the world, without any burden. You can purify your soul with music in the noisy market, make the surrounding area no longer noisy, and give you a place to clear your heart.


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    , which is also buying mental health and obtaining a home atmosphere!


    It is the realization of a new way of life, the distillation, personality, and taste of life


    When a person decides to buy a set of stereos, in a sense, this is a sign: first, it marks the ability to survive, and then it marks the taste of life. A good set of stereo covers a person's culture, bearing, and financial resources. Like Bluetooth speakers, like SODLK

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