Did you know that it is actually the loudest Bluetooth speaker?

  • Did you know that it is the loudest Bluetooth speaker?


    You may remember that our speakers have tested many brands of


    ? Some of them have great sound, and some have light and resistance. You like it, but the price is more than 200 euros. Do you still like it? Does it feel cold? Therefore, through various efforts, we have found a palliative therapy for you at a more affordable price and found the brand sodlk, which can meet you well.

    For acoustics, the word "shell" comes from the fact that initially, to amplify the sound, we put the loudspeaker in a wooden box or gypsum box, so it is placed in a closed volume.


    In terms of design, it is successful: compact and soft lines and the effect of mixing fabric on metal mesh and nonslip silicone plastic is very good.


    The fabric is very wear-resistant, especially the scratches and marks, and the rendering is perfect. No finishing problems were observed with our speakers. In the end, you will find that the relatively flexible area is covered with an aluminum cover plate with the brand logo. These are passive radiators with flexible and movable coatings. They will vibrate rhythmically when listening to music and will be used to amplify the bass to enhance the sound.


    Let's test it now! We play Ultra HD Music and make it as close to saturation as possible, to give full play to it. You might as well say it right away. We were shocked by the sound rendering!


    The voice is awesome! It's confusing to hear so many watts coming out of such a small shell. Bass exists without overwhelming the whole. The sound spectrum is well restored: where the midrange is, the treble, especially in the lyrics, is clear and undistorted. By pushing the sound to the maximum, we haven't reached saturation, and the whole is still completely different. So he is

    the loudest Bluetooth speaker