Free-kicks are getting a much-needed refresh in FIFA 23


    It is so tempting to smash the ball when it sits up nicely, but if you're crossing shooting or ball FIFA 23 coins, the accuracy of volleys will probably be reduced, therefore it's going to be worth controlling it and creating a better opportunity.The likelihood of going the ball in the net if you are up against a guardian seem like they'll be reduced. If your attacker is in space at the trunk, it may be different, but do not expect to swing a crossover into a packed area and score Shearer-style. It will make it more difficult for the attacker to score, when two opposing players are leaping for the ball in mid-air. Also, given that the AI is being enhanced so that shorter defenders aren't indicating both footers, scoring from corners and wide free-kicks might be trickier too.

    Working openings will likely be significant, and sometimes you need to beat a player rather than passing, but don't spam the skill moves as chaining greater than just two ability moves in a row will enormously increase the probability of your player losing control of the ball. Guide goalkeeping will not be as effective as EA is creating their moves slower to boost the desire. If you do use the ideal stick to take control of the keeper, then you are going to have to commit to a direction, and that means you'll be second guessing the attacker. Is it worthwhile? Given that accuracy was enhanced, it may still be worth bringing them out in those situations.

    Both penalties and free-kicks are getting a much-needed refresh in FIFA 23, using a brand new targeting system allowing for deeper approaches to shooting set-pieces. We don't yet know they'll feel so don't give up on FIFA 22's set-pieces for now buy FUT 23 coins. There's no harm in optimizing your mastery of penalties and free-kicks, and who knows - these skills might be partially transferrable in FIFA 23. There is going to be a higher emphasis on sculpting in FIFA 23, with a strafe dribbling mechanic that provides possibilities in assault.