Two new classes are coming to Lost Ark

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    Lost Ark: How To Ping

    Fighting in video games can become chaotic even when you play with a single player. If the game is an MMO with tens of thousand of players or more the chaos and energy ratchet up all the more. To combat this players require a good level of communication.

    Two new classes are coming to Lost Ark

    Amazon Games has outlined its April and May content plans for Lost Ark, including two new classes that can be played.

    It will launch in April with Glaivier class, a brand-new female martial artist class that combines attacks with a spear and Glaive, based on two stances she uses: Focus and Flurry.

    "While certain builds could draw your attention on one of these weapons an effective Glaivier will maximize the power of each weapon through creating balance between the two stances. They can build up the energy of one stance that provides a significant stat boost when swapping for that other,"reads the blog post.A new continent is coming this month: South Vern Lost Ark Gold for sale, a "once-barren land" that's now a place "of ample water and lush pastures". This will be the 2nd Tier 3 continent, filled with new characters and quests.