Two new classes are scheduled to be added to Lost Ark


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    Lost Ark: How To Ping

    Game fights in videos can be chaotic even for single-player games. If the game is an MMO with tens of thousand of players the chaos and intensity increase exponentially. To counter this players require a good level of communication.

    Two new classes are scheduled to be added to Lost Ark

    Amazon Games has outlined its April and May Content Plan on Lost Ark, including two new playable classes.

    Coming in April is the Glaivier class, a brand-new female martial artist class that weaves attacks using a spear or glaive based on the two stances she employs: Focus and Flurry.

    "While certain builds may focus your attention on one of these weapons the most effective Glaiviers can increase the potential of these weapons through creating balance between the two stances, accumulating energy in one position that grants an impactful stat-boost when switching with an other,"reads this blog post.A A brand-new continent set to launch on April 1st: South Vern Lost Ark Gold for sale, a "once-barren land" which is now a land "of ample water and lush pastures". It will be the second Tier 3 continent, filled with new characters and quests.