NBA 2K23's MyCareer mode offers players the option

  • Along with earning MVP points to upgrade to the penthouse level NBA 2K23 MT,  MyCareer mode offers players the option to request being traded to another team. It's however not that simple as putting into the form. Trading is built into the story, and players have to wait for a certain scene with their manager in order to begin trading.

    This won't occur until following the initial 10 games in which the character becomes a participant. After beginning the process there are a few steps to be done you to select which team go to and confirm the transfer.

    In NBA 2K23, requesting a trade 2K23 will be different from other games. To begin the process of trading, players need to have their player's character develop into a starter. After completing 10 games with the team that drafted them. Once you reach this point, an action sequence will trigger where players will sit down with their GM to discuss their move towards starter. From there, it will take some time for the entire process to be completed however, there are a variety of alternatives to dialogue and actions that need to be selected in order to complete the exchange quickly.

    The next step is the moment that Kendrick Perkins releases a YouTube video that discusses trade rumors and bad-mouthing the player. After watching the video, Ricky will then ask the player to confirm or deny the report. Choose, "Yes. I'd like to begin anew elsewhere Buy NBA 2K MT," to continue with the trade request.