By players when you complete the game's endgame in Lost Ark.

  • You're limited to just two Chaos Dungeon runs a day per player, and rewards include currency such as Disorder Crystals, which are used for purchasing Harmony Shards to upgrade your equipment Lost Ark Gold. The enemies can also drop equipment that will make up the basis of your gear Honing process, as you seek more advanced levels of equipment. Make sure you keep on top of your daily Chaos Dungeon runs as this will be very helpful at the start of your journey to the end. It's important to collect all the upgrade materials possible, since you'll need plenty of them to climb up the ranks.

     Dabble with The Tower

    The Tower can also be accessed by players when you complete the game's endgame in Lost Ark. Contrary to Chaos Dungeons, this is an activity for solo players that charges players with climbing up to 50 floors as you take away hordes upon each one. Like you'd imagine, the enemies will get progressively stronger as you move up so that you'll eventually run into a wall depending on the current item level.

    Even so, there's no daily cap for the Tower which is why you should attempt to make progress as often as you can in order to maximize the possibility of acquiring better equipment. A good way of going through this is to raise your level of items with drop-offs from your Chaos Dungeon run, then take a trip to the Tower and see how far you can go.

    Learn to Get Used to Gear Honing and Transfer

    Gear Honing is perhaps the most important aspect of the endgame grind in Lost Ark. Contrary to other MMOs or similarly grindy games, you're not required to keep chasing new pieces of shiny loot. It's a part of Lost Ark, yes, but you'll also spend a lot of time upgrading items already have in order to boost their gear score.

    This process requires tons of Harmony Shards and Leapstones that are obtainable from your final game activities. We also recommend upgrading the most effective items of gear in your possession constantly instead of waiting for more loot Lost Ark Gold for sale. This is due to the fact that it's simple to move all the upgrades you've made in your process to a brand new piece of gear when you come across a piece with more stats and an improved item level.