What is 4-dihydropyran application

  • 4-dihydropyran application is an organic compound with a five-membered ring structure and chemical formula C4H4NH. This is a heterocyclic compound whose nitrogen atoms, along with four other carbon atoms, help form a ring structure. 4-dihydropyran application is a volatile colorless liquid at room temperature. The liquid of 4-dihydropyran application is prone to blackening after exposure to normal air, which leads to the need to purify it prior to use. It can be purified by distillation immediately before use. In addition, the liquid has a nutty taste. Unlike some other five-membered heterocyclic rings (e.g., furan and thiophene), this compound has a dipole in which the positive side of the ring lies on the heteroatom (the -NH group has a positive charge). In addition, it is a weakly basic compound. The 4-dihydropyran application exists in nature as a derivative of the 4-dihydropyran application. For example, vitamin B12, bile pigments such as bilirubin, porphyrins, etc., are 4-dihydropyran application derivatives. However, the compound is mildly toxic. On an industrial scale, 4-dihydropyran applications can be synthesized by treating furan with ammonia. But the reaction also requires a solid catalyst.

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