Furniture factory sawdust dust extraction arm supplier characte

  • In furniture factories, whether the wood is cut by a push table saw, a small sawing machine, a curve saw, etc., there will be a lot of sawdust dust generation in the process of sawing. For the sawdust dust generated by the sawing machine, the furniture production industry is generally equipped with industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial dust collection equipment to collect and treat the sawdust generated. The following to understand the furniture factory saw machine sawdust collection dust collection equipment have what characteristics:

    The sawdust dust extraction arm supplier of furniture factory is a supplier who drives the turbine fan by the motor to form negative pressure so that the dust generated by processing can be inhaled into the dust collection equipment in time. The adsorption rate of sawdust can reach 95% and the separation rate of wood chips can reach 99.5%. Depending on the different working conditions on site, The motor power of the dust collector is also different. Users can choose 1.5kw- 15kw motor according to the actual working condition of the site. Sawdust dust collector is divided into stand-alone version and central dust collector version. The stand-alone version, as the name suggests, is to collect and filter the dust of a saws machine. If there are multiple saws and other processing equipment in the workshop that need to process the wood chips produced, in this case, the central dust collector needs to be selected for dust collection. The central dust collector is different from the stand-alone version of the dust collector is the need to configure dust pipe, the advantage is that the host can be external, effectively reduce the pollution of equipment noise to the workshop.

    Furniture factory sawdust dust collection equipment advantages:

    1, the use of negative pressure system, downdraft design, effectively reduce the resistance of the air, can cooperate with automatic frequency conversion system to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

    2, the filter system adopts the fold cylinder filter, the filtering accuracy can reach 0.3μm, can effectively control the dust without spillover, improve the working environment of the workshop.

    3, in order to meet the needs of users can be customized for all kinds of boards and all kinds of machinery, according to different dust, the use of different filter materials and spiral pipes, to meet all the needs of customers.

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