How to choose the right turnkey brewing system?

  • One, look at the material of the turnkey brewing system! 304 stainless steel products are preferred. Aluminum alloy equipment is also good, but not resistant to acid and alkali, so it is not durable, the process of wine can not avoid alumina into the liquor, that is, affect the quality of wine, people drink alcohol with alumina is also a great harm to the body)

    Two, how about the after-sales service? Whether you can door-to-door service!

    Three, to pay attention to whether there is a bartending technology! (Mixing wine is like adding salt, sauce and vinegar to stir-fry, so the resulting wine is blended.)

    Four, the cost of bartending can not be too high! In general, the cost of spices per catty liquor is within 0.2 cents.

    5. Do you know what each spice does? For example: caproic acid, acetic acid, acetaldehyde, etc. So be sure to learn the techniques to make good wine taste.

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