What are the distillations of china distillation equipment?

  • The distillation of china distillation equipment is introduced to you.

    1. Separation and concentration:

    The distilling of fermented grains was mainly to extract alcohol and aroma substances, and steam a certain amount of water, but also mixed with some trace substances, at the same time also discharged the distiller's grains composed of solid substances with high boiling point and water.

    In addition, some low boiling point impurities, such as carbon dioxide, wine, hydrogen sulfide, free ammonia, etc. are discharged from the gas phase. At the same time, the separation of alcohol and flavor components also played a concentrated role.

    china distillation equipment condenses the ethanol in fermented grains from 4% to 6% to 50% to 70%, and other substances are also increased in concentration, so that liquor retains the desired ethanol content and has a special aroma.

    2, sterilization effect:

    The characteristics of solid-state fermentation were cyclic fermentation of fermented grains, during which microorganisms in fermented grains were killed and impurities in fermented grains were eliminated, creating favorable conditions for normal fermentation in the next step.

    3. Heating metamorphism:

    Fermented grains of wine had a strong aroma, but after distillation, the flavors of white wine and fermented grains were completely different. There is a slight dispersion of aroma during distillation, and some substances that are not stable to heat. After heating, some of them are retained and some of them are heated to produce aroma substances.

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