causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors advantages

  • The causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors specially developed to meet the needs of large air volume flue gas purification is a kind of economical, feasible, large processing capacity and easy to use dust removal equipment, which is suitable for large air volume flue gas purification in metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.

    I. Working principle:

    causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors are mainly composed of upper box, middle box, ash bucket, ash unloading device, spray device and control instrument. The dust containing smoke gas enters the upper part of the ash hopper, the smoke goes up to the filter bag, the dust is blocked outside the filter bag, the clean smoke enters the bag, and is discharged by the outlet through the bag mouth and the upper box. When the dust on the surface of the filter bag continues to increase, resulting in the equipment resistance rising to the set value, the microdifferential pressure controller has a signal output (or arrives at the set time), the electronic control instrument will send a signal to make the injection system work. First, close the lifting valve of * chamber, and then the compressed air from * chamber air bag through the pulse valve and the nozzle on the spray pipe to the filter bag in sequence. Under the action of the acceleration generated by the expansion of the filter bag and the reverse airflow, the dust attached to the outside of the bag leaves the filter bag and falls into the ash hopper, and the dust is discharged by the ash discharge valve. The duration of one injection is 0.065~0.12 seconds. After the completion of the injection, the second pulse valve carries out the injection...... After all pulse valves are sprayed, open * chamber lifting valve, * chamber filter bag immediately returns to filtering state, and then start to repeat the above cleaning work in the next chamber...... Complete the cleaning of all rooms in turn. The dust in the dust hopper of the precipitator is discharged regularly by the dust delivery system.

    Two, product features:

    1. Energy, low consumption:

    The pulse valve is of double diaphragm through structure, and the injection outlet is of double torsion line. When the controller sends a signal, make the solenoid valve open, small diaphragm action. The cavity between the two diaphragms is depressurized, and the large diaphragm acts to open the outlet and realize the injection. When the controller signal disappears, the solenoid valve is closed. The small diaphragm and the large diaphragm are closed successively to stop the injection. The throttling channels of the two diaphragms of the pulse valve are set separately and will not dry scratch each other when opening and closing. Thus greatly accelerated opening and closing speed. A pulse valve can meet 42 meters 2 or more filter material cleaning. The pulse valve has low resistance, fast opening and closing, strong cleaning ability, and all parts of the jet system have excellent aerodynamic characteristics. In addition, the traditional ejector is omitted by using the pouch opening directly. Therefore, the operation energy consumption is lower than that of the reverse blower bag dust collector, and it still has a good cleaning effect on the high concentration and high moisture content of the flue gas purification. The frame of the filter bag has a star-shaped section, which is conducive to increasing the cleaning effect and reducing the wear of the frame on the filter bag.

    2. Long filter bag:

    The length of the filter bag is 6 meters and can be increased appropriately. The bag length limit of pulse bag type dust collector is broken through greatly, and the dust removal effect is good, so the area is small.

    3. Simple fixing method of filter bag:

    The filter bag is embedded in the flower plate with the elastic swelling ring sewn at the mouth of the bag. It is very simple to disassemble and install the filter bag, and the contact between people and the dirty bag is short. The elastic swelling ring sewn at the mouth of the filter bag is embedded in the flower plate. The frame of the filter bag is supported by the flower plate without special fixation. When changing the bag, unload the blowpipe, pull out the frame upward, knead the mouth of the bag flat and throw it into the ash bucket, then put the new bag in, knead the mouth of the bag into a crescent shape and place it in the hole of the flower plate, release the hand and fasten the elastic of the ring, then put the frame in turn and install the blowpipe.

    causes of noise in vacuum dust collectors