How to do moisture-proof work well in the elegant unique microf

  • The moistureproof of paper boxes is a problem that many elegants unique microfiber jewelry box factories are worried about. Paper is very afraid of water. I believe we all know that. Once the carton is damped, it will not only deform the structure of the box, but also greatly affect the beauty of the box. There used to be a customer who kept the box in a damp and dark place. As a result, half a month later, the boxes were all affected by moisture and deformed. The customer also thought that the materials used by the elegantunique microfiber jewelry box factory were poor. Today, the elegantunique microfiber jewelry box factory analyzed how to do a good job of moisture-proof.

    In order to avoid the same problem faced by other customers, the elegantunique microfiber jewelry box factory packaging today will tell you how to protect the carton from moisture. The warehouse or workshop where gift boxes are stored must be well sealed, otherwise it is easy to get damp in rainy season, foggy weather or areas with large temperature difference between day and night. Secondly, there must be a gap between the gift box and the ground, which can be raised by plank. There must be a certain space for air circulation below, so as to avoid the impact of moisture on the ground. Finally, if conditions permit, you can choose to purchase a dehumidifier, so that you no longer have to worry about moisture. Generally, professional elegant unique microfiber jewelry box factory has a dehumidification room. It will put the newly made boxes in it for dehumidification, and then store the dehumidified boxes in the warehouse or ship them.

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