What changes can Fan Shell MOULD bring us

  • High -tech technology is impossible to change our lives. Especially in the past two years, smart homes are very time -making, such as smart curtains, smart lighting ... Everything in the home can intelligently systematically, making life easier and comfortable.

    Smart home has a daily settlement role, giving a comfortable, security, high -quality, and comfortable household space for home furniture. It also changes the original passive static data structure into a dynamic smart business card, giving a multi -directional information content interactive role, assisting the home with the outside with the outside of the outside world Time, improve the safety coefficient and convenience of life in the home, and even save a variety of electricity and energy cost fees.

    Many people in life can use the word "smart home" and have also used some smart home categories. However, very few people apply detailed FAN Shell Mould, and how much do you master FAN Shell more? What changes have been given to our lives?

    If the smart home objects are stored alone, help you handle some requirements; then FAN Shell Mould is a detailed system that blends all smart home objects to improve our quality of life and work efficiency.

    When the stairs were out of garbage and forgot to bring the key, they accidentally closed the store when they came out to get the newspapers. Once the aisle was out of power, I couldn't insert the key to the lock core for a long time. Going home from the mall, I have been big baggage bags, and I can't get the key to opening the door. Many people have encountered this daily embarrassment.

    However, with the development trend of smart home life, fingerprint recognition, APP, and even voice recognition technology can easily open the door. There are also a series of intelligent systems such as smart lighting, smart curtains, and smart switches, so that life does not need to worry about trivial.

    01. Smart lighting

    Intelligent system lighting fixtures are a key component of FAN Shell Mould. It can save energy, but also rich in our lives at the same time. Smart lighting makes our lives more convenient and fast.

    The intelligent lighting system is a system and management method for the lighting effect. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, it can complete the management method of the lighting effect of lighting, changing light, one -button scene, one -to -one remote control, system partition lights, and can be based on remote control, time, centralized, remote control, remote control device Carry out intelligent control systems, and then complete environmental protection, energy conservation, environmental protection, comfort, and convenient role.

    02. Smart curtains

    Intelligent curtains are the controller system that uses the opening of curtains, the wireless controller of the actual operation and setting the main control board, and the motor and the tissue composition of the motor that drives the curtain cloth. Do not use manually to drive curtain cloths, open the FAN Shell Mould life scene, curtain cloth can be based on different scenes, it is dark tomorrow, and the full -automatic opening and closing functions will be fully automatically opened and closed.

    03. Smart lock

    Intelligent locks refer to the basically improvement of the traditional mechanical password lock. It is a hardware lock that is simplified at the customer security factor, identification, and management level. Anti -theft lock is the first defense of home safety to ensure the safety of you and loved ones, and avoid illegal invasion.

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