What is Corn Row LED LIGHTS is not long. What causes it?

  • 1. The heating material of the lamp is not enough. For example, the existing inferior light bulbs are all plastic, and there is no heat sink with heat dissipation.

    2. The cooling design of the lamps is unreasonable. Many lamps do not have the heat dissipation design at all. It is assembled directly with the accessories. It is not bad?

    3. The installation environment is unreasonable. What is Corn Row LED LIGHTS Installing requires a certain amount of heat dissipation space to dissipate heat, and the installation environment is humid. LED lamps are also easy to break in a humid environment, because LED lamps are composed of electronic components. Once humidity, it affects performance and is easy to break. For this reason, only users have paid attention to themselves.

    What is Corn Row LED LIGHTS has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, and small volume. Compared to the appearance of other ordinary light bulbs, what is Corn Row Light Lights is small and exquisite, and it is a high -value light bulb. It can be widely used in the fields of various instructions, decoration, backlight, ordinary lighting, and urban night scenes.

    The built -in power power of corn lamp lamps is very important. The luminous power of LED decreases with the increase in LED temperature. The power of the power supply is high, and the LED heat is small, which is beneficial to the delayed LED.

    LED's impact resistance is poor, so we must strengthen this protection. Especially for some outdoor products, the start -stop and lightning strikes of the grid load will have an impact on the power supply. Therefore, the input terminal of the LED drive power supply must have a protective circuit that press the waves to avoid the instantaneous damage to the LED, which causes disasters.

    What is Corn Row LED LIGHTS is really widely used in the products, not only in the family, but also for port machinery, lifting equipment, construction machinery, road transportation equipment and other industries.

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