Fume Purification Product Supplier Performance and Work Princip

  • Fume Purification Product Supplier's dust removal effect is related to various factors, but it mainly depends on the filter material of the filter. The felt into a cylinder or a flat dust removal filter bag.

    Fume Purification Product SUPPLIer is a filter dust removal device based on filtering principles. It uses organic fiber or inorganic fiber filter cloth to filter out the dust in the gas.

    —— Gravity settlement effect — When the dust -containing gas enters the bag dust collector, the large and larger dust of dust settle down under the action of gravity, which is the same as the role of the subsidence room*.

    轻 Thermal exercise -small dust (below 1 micron), with the gas flow, is very close to the air flow line and can bypass the fiber. However, after the collision of the gas molecules of thermal movement (that is, the Brown movement), they changed the original movement direction, which increased the opportunity of dust and fiber to enable the dust to be captured. The smaller the diameter of the filter fiber, the smaller the leisure rate of the air, and the higher the capture rate, so the more it is conducive to dust removal.

    (3) When the inertial force is smooth and smooth, the fiber can be passed by the smooth and smooth filter material, and the larger dust particles ZAI inertial force still move in the original direction, and it is captured by colliding with the filter material.

    当 Sieve filtration -when the diameter of the dust is idle or the gap between the dust between the fiber of the filter material or the dust on the filter material, the dust is smooth and the expiration of the air is smooth. effect. When the backlog of dust on the filter material increases, this effect is relatively obvious.

    Fume Purification Product Supplier has been widely used in various industries long ago to capture non -glossy non -fibrous industrial dust and volatiles, and the dust particles can reach 0.1 microns. However, when using it to treat gas containing water steam, the topic should be avoided. Bag dust removal has high purification efficiency, that is, the efficiency of capturing fine dust can also reach more than 99 %, and its efficiency ratio is high.

    Fume Purification Product SUPPLIER structure composition: dust collector out of gray, entering the exhaust channel, filter room (middle, lower box), cleaning room, filter bag and frame (bag bone), manual air inlet valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, pulse pulse, pulse pulse Clear the gray mechanism and so on.

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