Purchase air purifying tower is an ideal choice for explosion-p

  • The purchase air purifying tower is made of anti-static polyester needle punched felt. The anti-static dedusting bag has * anti-static performance and is an ideal choice for explosion-proof dedusting at present.

    When the concentration of industrial dust reaches a certain level (i.e. explosion limit), it is very easy to cause explosion and fire in case of electrostatic discharge sparks or external ignition and other factors. For example, flour dust, chemical dust and pulverized coal dust may explode in case of electrostatic discharge. In the field of bag type dedusting, if the dust needs to be collected by cloth bags, the filter material for making dedusting cloth bags is required to have anti-static performance. Polyester fine denier fibers are selected to produce needle felt dedusting filter bags with advanced equipment, which can evenly and quantitatively mix multiple fibers, and then multiple cotton mixing and carding units are used to facilitate the lamination and gradient transformation of different fibers between fiber meshes.

    Purchase air purifying tower has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency, long service life, etc. unique to ordinary felt filter cloth. Because of its moderate temperature resistance, which can reach 150 ℃ instantly, moderate acid and alkali resistance, and excellent wear resistance, it is a large variety of felt filter materials. Purchase air purifying tower is a new high-quality dedusting equipment developed on the basis of pulse bag deduster in Europe and America. Compared with the former, the filter type pulse deduster has the advantages of small wind resistance, low energy consumption, large wind area, small floor area, low installation cost, and high dust filtering efficiency due to the folding filter cartridge as the filter element.

    The purchase air purifying tower is a professional dedusting product designed for a large amount of dust harmful to human body generated in the production process of all walks of life. The purchase air purifying tower can meet the requirements of dust collection and treatment in multiple processes of the production workshop, greatly reduce the escape and diffusion of industrial dust harmful to human health, ensure the clean and tidy working environment of the workshop, reduce industrial environmental pollution, and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases, Ensure the business efficiency of the enterprise.

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