Classification of the butt welding machine

  • The classification of the butt welding machine is designed and manufactured for butt joint, such as buckle, square buckle, snap, lock buckle, eye buckle, hollow buckle, D-ring and metal ring.

    1. The electrode arm is made of sufficient material and chrome plated, which is 30% more than that of other manufacturers, and the workpiece is clamped more firmly.

    2. The integrated maintenance free cylinder has good sealing performance, high speed and force, good stability, high speed and force, and stable pressurization.

    3. High quality high magnetic conductivity silicon steel sheet and all copper wire wrapped refined transformer are used. The magnetic coupling is high, there is no energy loss, the voltage is fast, the insulation temperature is 130 degrees, the current is large, the voltage is small, and the transformer is safe and reliable.

    4. Precise upsetting, high precision guide mechanism of imported shaft and bearing, and fast guide precision.

    5. Intelligent controller control: it has constant voltage/current control mode, can discharge in 3 stages, has 9 groups of storage memory functions, single and continuous welding functions, self diagnosis and self-protection functions, and can more conveniently and intuitively control the welding time and welding current accurately.

    6. Simple operation, one key operation, automatic welding will stop automatically when you step on the pedal.

    7. Chrome zirconium copper electrode and brass electrode holder fixture are processed by CNC precision throughout the process, with high degree of fit, fast conductivity and heat conduction, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and faster and more accurate positioning and welding.

    classification of the butt welding machine