Application scope of plastic welding machine

  • Plastic welding machine is also called resistance butt welding machine. It is mainly suitable for high-speed and large-volume operations. It uses resistance butt welding method, which has high energy utilization rate and good welding effect. It can perform multiple parameter memory settings, and has fast response speed. The small size reduces the welding defect rate to a minimum. The equipment is used for welding wire and cable, bicycle basket, enameled wire, steel wire products, luggage frame and flat wire products.

    Structure and Features:

    The welding machine transformer adopts a vertical one-way shell-type mechanism, which has high welding efficiency and low loss.

    The use of different welding dies can be replaced according to different welding objects, which is more convenient.

    The inside of the equipment is transformed from 380V voltage to 36V electricity, with good safety performance.

    Suitable for welding of various metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc.

    The use of plastic welding machine between steel bars and steel bars is great, and it can perform seamless welding or various welding methods according to customer needs. It is suitable for iron wire products, hardware lighting, kitchen utensils, automobiles, small household appliances, small hardware and other occasions will have the credit of plastic welding machine. The ability to weld also develops with various degrees.

    For all kinds of plastic welding machines, in different occasions, the application is definitely not small, and we can try to do some good matching and services for some occasions.

    plastic welding machine