Does the hd industrial endoscope count as imaging equipment?

  • Is hd industrial endoscope considered an imaging device? HD industrial endoscope technology is a technology dependent on medical instruments and equipment. How about choosing this hd industrial endoscope technology? Then let's take a look at the introduction of customer service.

    In the clinic, the cavity is stripped out through a small incision, and the hd industrial endoscope lens and various instruments are inserted to complete a series of operations, such as incision, stripping, coagulation, irrigation, suturing, etc., all of which are operated under the visual monitoring monitor screen. , instead of the traditional.

    In recent years, domestic medical brands have gradually risen. For example, domestic hd industrial endoscope equipment manufacturers have grown up. It has been widely used in various inspections.

    The application of hd industrial endoscope technology in observing and diagnosing tissue lesions in vivo has a history of a century. In 1987, Mouret was used for cholecystectomy, which started the history of endoscopic technology, and gradually radiated to clinical multidisciplinary and multi-field. The obstetrician uses the hd industrial endoscope to diagnose the pelvis, and the orthopaedic surgeon completes the grinding of the joint surfaces with a laser through a small incision. It is recommended to keep it separately to avoid conflicts with other devices. In order not to hit the mirror, it needs to be placed gently. The glass column of the mirror system is prone to breakage. It is recommended to soak in warm water and use anti-fog oil before handling.

    Do not bend hard when operating the hd industrial endoscope. Is the hd industrial endoscope considered an imaging device? When using auxiliary diagnosis and treatment equipment, it must be operated safely within the field of vision. When operating with optoelectronic technology, pay attention to the distance between the front end of the hd industrial endoscope and the diagnosis and treatment point, so as to avoid electric shock or cauterization of the front end of the hd industrial endoscope. The mirror itself should be protected when the viewing angle is adjusted during operation. The mirror and sheath need to be aligned and secured with the lock, not with force.

    Is hd industrial endoscope considered imaging equipment? Advantages of hd industrial endoscope technology application:

    ①Short incision, less scars, and less damage to cutaneous nerves; ②It is performed under direct vision, with clear anatomical levels, which can avoid unnecessary neurovascular damage under blindsightedness; ③Small damage, fewer complications, and mild postoperative reactions; ④How about the postoperative recovery, the hospital stay is short, and the pain is less.

    Although the hd industrial endoscope technology still has imperfections, it has advantages that the traditional methods cannot match. What is the imaging principle of the electronic hd industrial endoscope? The imaging method of the electronic hd industrial endoscope uses the light emitted by the light source installed in the TV information, and guides the light into the body examined by the light guide fiber of the hd industrial endoscope, and the CCD image sensor receives the information from the mucosal surface of the body. The reflected light, converts it into an electrical signal, transmits the signal to the wires in the TV message, then stores and processes the electrical signal through the TV message, transmits it to the TV monitor, and displays a color mucous image of the organ being examined . How about the technology of hd industrial endoscope equipment? If you have any questions about this medical equipment, you can directly contact customer service.

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