Any tips when buying 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5m

  • Any tips when buying 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5mm? 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5mm is a non-destructive testing equipment. In order to play its role better in use, special attention should be paid when purchasing. Then, when purchasing 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5mm, there are What trick?

    1. Technical elements such as quality and craftsmanship:

    Some new 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5mm brands or small brands themselves do not have the core technology and production process to produce 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5mm, but they are produced for profit or OEM products with poor quality , There is no quality and technical guarantee for such equipment. The parameters do not meet the requirements, cannot adapt to the use environment, lack original accessories for replacement, and the user experience is extremely poor. Therefore, equipment quality is the primary factor in choosing a 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5mm brand. In addition, attention should also be paid to multi-faceted inspections from technical perspectives such as detection environment, resolution, lighting technology, portability, and craftsmanship.

    2. Resolution and pixels: Whether it has excellent image processing technology, whether it has delicate images and true colors.

    3. Lighting technology: Whether the lens emits light determines whether it can be reused in a dark environment. At the same time, the size of the wide angle of the lens and the diameter of the lens have a certain impact on the coverage of the field of view. Super strong light, super large viewing angle and multi depth of field, all allow users to obtain a good detection experience.

    4. Portability: Whether the all-in-one design is adopted, which is convenient for users to carry into various harsh industrial environments.

    5. Craftsmanship: The purpose of the product is to meet the needs of customers. The quality of the craftsmanship needs to be identified with enough professional knowledge. In the face of a huge ocean of information, it is impossible for customers to spend a lot of time on the identification of craftsmanship. Often overlooked by customers.

    6. Professional and technical personnel

    Professional business personnel and technical personnel are the key factors to obtain the best solution. Quite a lot of domestic production enterprises only focus on recruiting sales personnel, but often do not have too high technical requirements, and do not do relevant product and technical training. In the face of customers, often unable to correctly understand the customer's intentions, to answer the questions raised by customers, but also unable to provide better solutions, resulting in problems that cannot be solved. Therefore, it is also a necessary condition for an enterprise to choose an excellent 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5mm brand for professional sales staff and technical staff.

    7. Detection environment: The length and diameter of the endoscope lens required are determined by the diameter and length of the detection part, and whether it has ultra-small diameter and ultra-long pipeline to meet various detection conditions. Whether it has a powerful guiding function, the probe can be bent in any direction of 360°. Whether it is waterproof and oilproof, durable, and passed the drop test.

    8. Professional after-sales service

    No matter how high-quality 4.5mm medical endoscope camera module 4.5mm is, even if it has high technical content and reliable quality, users should use it carefully. However, in the face of various extremely harsh environments, various unexpected situations may occur. A good after-sales system is required. On the one hand, it is necessary to have professional and technical personnel with sufficient industry knowledge and product knowledge to detect and maintain equipment, and at the same time, there must be sufficient spare parts inventory to replace spare parts.

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