Are Latex Gloves acid and alkali resistant?

  • We all wear Latex Gloves, but there has always been a question in our hearts, is Latex Gloves resistant to acid and alkali?

    After research and verification, it was found that latex gloves are resistant to weak acids and alkalis, but not strong acids and alkalis. That is, latex gloves are chemically resistant only for a short period of time, not for a long time. In our daily life, the detergents we use for cleaning, the detergent we use for washing dishes, and the washing powder for laundry use, the chemical components in these reagents can all be used to resist acid and alkali in a short period of time by wearing latex gloves. corrosion.

    Among the disposable gloves that are resistant to acid and alkali in a short time, disposable nitrile gloves and Latex Gloves are both good choices. Because some people are allergic to the protein components in latex gloves, disposable nitrile gloves have become most of the choices, and the price is relatively affordable, one-time use will not feel distressed, and it is truly safe and hygienic. .

    If the working environment is exposed to strong acid and alkali for a long time, it is recommended to use acid and alkali resistant gloves. These gloves are resistant to strong acid and alkali, which can give safer protection to the hands.

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