What to look for in the selection of merchandise display stands

  • With the increasing demand for anti-theft, the major anti-theft manufacturers are also continuously improving and optimizing the electronic merchandise display stands. But in the face of so many different merchant display stands, how should merchants choose the right one for their own? Today, Xiaobian will introduce the following elements for your reference.

    1: Anti-theft false alarm rate

    Although today's anti-theft technology is a great improvement over the past, there is no guarantee that false alarms will not occur. The level of false alarm rate is an important criterion for testing the failure of an anti-theft product. In addition to its own reasons, it is also environmental factors, and external interference can also cause false alarms. Like many anti-theft systems now, the acousto-magnetic technology can effectively reduce the false alarm rate, and the anti-theft function is very powerful.

    Two: Anti-theft detection rate

    The index of merchandise display stands is mainly to see the detection rate, that is, the average detection rate of all passing non-demagnetized labels in the monitoring area of ​​the security door. Among the three most commonly used EAS anti-theft technologies in shopping malls, the average detection rate of acoustic magnetic anti-theft technology is also the highest.

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