How to connect the lumary led strip to the power supply

  • 1. The connection method of the power cord and the lumary led strip

    The led lumary led strip first determines its installation length, and then intercepts it according to the length. Because the LEDlumary led strip is generally 1m in length, it should be cut according to 1m when cutting, so as not to affect the overall circuit. If you cut it at will, it will cause a unit not to light up.

    Then connect the plug, the LED's luminance led strip will have a special plug, which can be connected to the wires on both sides of the luminance led strip by means of pins. The led is driven by a DC diode, so there will be positive and negative poles. If the positive and negative poles are reversed, it is insulated, so the luminance led strip will not light up. At this time, it must be plugged in and it can be used normally. Then connect the connector to the power cord and secure with insulating tape.

    Second, how to choose ledlumary led strip

    1. When choosing LEDlumary led strip, you can choose according to its different colors. There are many colors of ledlumary led strips on the market, such as white, yellow, blue, etc., you can choose according to your own preferences. And it can be matched according to the decoration style to make the overall match more coordinated.

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