450mm hot melt hydraulic butt welding machine safe operation

  •   1.450mm hot melt hydraulic butt welding machine should be placed under construction and have reliable grounding (neutral). If several welding machines are installed side by side, the space should not be less than 3 meters, on the grid, should meet the type of contact points between electrodes at different stages, each with its own should be regularly arranged, the second loop of All connections should be bolted regularly. The cooling water temperature must not exceed 40 °C; the displacement should be adjusted according to the temperature.

      2 When long steel, welded, and set the bracket. When handling reinforcement to prevent sparks from the welding operator.

      3. The flash should be set up with baffles, when the staff is not allowed.

      4. During construction in winter, the indoor temperature should not be lower than 8 degrees. Work machine cooling water.

      5. Carefully take notes on the transition, and check and fix it.

      6. The welding machine must have a dedicated switch box, and the motor shell must have zero connection protection devices.

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