variations of the twisting machineBasic cleaning

  •   variations of the twisting machine transmission wear There are often problems of transmission wear during operation, such as variations of the twisting machine shaft wear, roller bearing chamber wear and so on. Traditional repair methods include surfacing, thermal spraying, brush plating, etc., but they all have certain disadvantages: surfacing will make the surface of the part reach a high temperature, causing deformation or cracks, and in severe cases, shaft fracture; the electroplating coating should not be too thick, and The pollution is serious and the application is limited.

      The material has good adhesion and compressive strength and can repair coater wear without disassembly. At the same time, due to its lack of metal franchise, it can well absorb the impact of equipment vibration and avoid secondary wear, variations of the twisting machine concrete foundation damage.

      Variations of the twisting machine will also cause damage to the concrete base and other components due to factors such as corrosion, aging, equipment vibration, etc., resulting in loosening of equipment fastening bolts, which seriously affects production. The traditional concrete pouring treatment method will greatly prolong the repair time and make it more difficult for enterprises to accept.

      1. Variations of the twisting machine Regularly check the screws of the packaging machine parts to avoid loosening.

      2. Variations of the twisting machine should be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and rat-proof. Keep the electrical cabinet and terminals clean to prevent electrical failures.

      3. When the variations of the twisting machine are closed, the two heat sealing rollers should be in the open position to prevent heat damage to the packaging material.

      variations of the twisting machineBasic cleaning:

      1. After the machine is stopped, the metering part should be cleaned in time, such as sugar, daytime root particles, salt, etc. It must be ensured that the blanking plate and turntable are cleaned every shift so that they are not corroded.

      2. For the heat seal body, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure a clear seal texture.

      3. The photoelectric tracking light-emitting head, also known as the electric eye, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the cursor tracking error is small.

      4. The scattered materials on the tray should be cleaned up in time to keep the parts clean.

      5. Regularly clean the dust in the electric control box to prevent faults such as poor contact.

      The variations of the twisting machine must be operated by fixed personnel, and can be proficient in starting up, bag making procedures, simple instrument debugging, changing parameters, etc.; work flow, operation mode, working state, troubleshooting and handling of common faults; unmanned operation is strictly prohibited. Cloth machine, computer, instrument. ‍The daily maintenance must ensure that the inside and outside of the computer instrument box is clean and dry.

      variations of the twisting machine