How to use the PA articulation endoscope

  •   For optimum use and longevity, you must know how to properly use the PA articulation endoscope tool.

      1. Charge the battery - Make sure the battery is fully charged before starting to use it. Most PA articulation endoscope can be used for 2-4 hours when fully charged, which ensures that the tool can be used continuously to detect conditions to avoid sudden shutdowns when not powered by AC power.

      2. Insertion Tube - When in use, lay the insertion tube completely straight, attempting to steer the insertion tube while it is coiled will cause internal damage and poor connections, which will ultimately affect the endoscope's lifespan.

      3. Slow Insertion - Carefully insert the probe slowly into the object under test, this will allow you to clearly see what damage may exist inside the object under test, inserting the probe too quickly will cause you to miss critical inspection targets and possibly damage the probe itself.

      4. Slow Steering - Turn the probe slowly while conducting inspections, this allows you to fully see your surroundings and spot cracks or other signs of damage. Rotating the probe with excessive force may damage the probe or internal connections.

      5. Shut down the inspected object - do not insert the probe into the moving or moving object, this may damage the camera and the probe, when touching the inspected object, not allowing the inspected object to move is also for your personal safety. critical.

      6. SAFE OPERATING TEMPERATURE - Operate your tool outside the safe temperature range (usually between -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F) for steering endoscopes) Degraded performance can result in permanent damage or expensive repairs.

      7. Slowly pull out the probe - After completing the inspection, carefully and slowly pull out the probe, if the insertion tube is stuck, rotate the rocker slightly, and then withdraw when the insertion tube is straight, this will ensure that the probe will not be stuck. Damaged in the engine or when removed.

      8. Clean the probe - After use, you can use a non-woven fabric dipped in anhydrous alcohol to clean the front lens and even the pipeline to prolong the service life of the entire pipeline.

      9. Storage - Remove the battery and reset the front-end probe to a straight position. Do not keep the lens in one direction for a long time during storage, which will put the instrument in a high load state and affect the service life of the steering.

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