The wiring method of decorative ceiling rose mould

  • Decorative ceiling rose mould refers to a socket that is different from the three common domestic plugs.

    The live wire and the neutral wire are composed of two parallel plugs respectively. Instead of the two plugs forming a 120-degree angle with each other like the three domestic plugs.

    The domestic electricity voltage in China is generally AC120V/60Hz. Generally, there are three wiring connections on the socket, one is the live wire, the other is the neutral wire, and the other is the ground wire. There is no problem with the reverse connection of the live wire and the neutral wire, because both positive and negative directions can form a loop, just be careful not to connect the live wire to the ground wire interface.

    Whether it is the national standard, the American standard, or even the European standard, the power socket connection is the same. In fact, the national standard uses the first letter of English, which is naturally the same as the American standard and the European standard. The live wire is represented by the English letter L, that is: line; the zero line is represented by the English letter N, that is: null; the ground wire is represented by the English letter E, that is: earth.

    decorative ceiling rose mould