What are the performance characteristics of use of industrial d

  • 1. The wide spacing of the use of industrial dust vacuum filter cartridge is specially configured, which makes the electric field strength and plate current distribution more uniform, the driving speed can be increased by 1.3 times, and the specific resistance range of the collected dust is expanded to 10 1 -10 14 Ω- cm. It is especially suitable for high specific resistance dust recovery of waste gas such as fluidized bed boilers, new cement dry rotary kilns, grate coolers, sintering machines, etc., to slow down or eliminate the phenomenon of back corona.

    2. The maximum length of the use of industrial dust vacuum filter cartridge can be up to 15 meters, with low corona inception voltage, high corona current density, strong rigidity, high temperature resistance, thermal resistance resistance, combined with top rapping method to remove dust . According to the size of the dust concentration, the corresponding corona line density is configured, so that it can adapt to the dust collection of high dust concentration, and the higher allowable inlet concentration can reach 1000g/Nm 3 .

    3. The top discharge electrode designed according to the theory of cleaning dust can be vibrated strongly, and two optional methods, mechanical and electromagnetic, can be used.

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