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  • The fit of nighttime sex is also an important part of whether you can live as a partner for a long time in your married life. The same can be said for married life with realistic sex dolls. Real love doll vaginas are a concern for many people before welcoming them.

    In the SY Doll, WM DOLL, and DLDOLL at Lovedollshops, not only is the softness of the vagina available, but most models have two vaginal options, a separate vagina, and a built-in vagina. Different Love Doll have different lovers, and each one is tailor-made for the client.

    vagina model

    First of all, there are roughly two types of vaginas, the first is the detachable type, which is called the detachable type. The advantage is that the vaginal part (vaginal hole) can be removed, so after playing, only the vaginal hole can be removed and cleaned separately, so there is an advantage that the vaginal part can be easily kept clean. The downside is that the vaginal part will shift during insertion, making it uncomfortable.

    Next are built-in types, called integration types. The views are split, but the advantage is that it's a love doll's built-in vagina, so the sensation of penetration is a unified feeling that makes you feel like you're having sex with a real person. Just to be able to taste. The disadvantage is that due to the problem of vaginal cleaning after orgasm, the lover doll's body weighing more than 30 kilograms needs to be brought to the bathroom and other places for cleaning.

    Top Doll Processed TPE Elastomer Material Love Doll uses a very safe thermoplastic elastomer, the same material. It is also used as a man-made material as a medical elastomer. The vagina is a soft material that feels like human skin, allowing you to feel the real vagina, including the appearance.

    The depth of the vagina is about 18 cm and has enough depth. In the case of a detachable vagina, it seems that it is possible to enjoy an infinite sense of wearing by wearing a commercially available onahole.

    In winter, it may be necessary to warm your partner with an electric blanket before sharing the floor before the hot time with the TPE love doll. If you are unsure about this and are considering purchasing a Cheap Sex Dolls, please feel free to contact our top Sex Doll customer service staff.

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