What is the safest position with a Sex Doll?

  • The base of the sex doll is not soft mesh flesh, but a metal skeleton that contains a variety of fixed movable joints. All of these joints attached to the skeleton work together to move the doll into different pose ranges. You may feel the metal skeleton on the bottom when you touch the sex doll.

    You may also be able to feel the metal joint as you continue to move. However, there is also an element of metal joints that hold the dolls together, while a pair of premium metal covers them to make the skin feel realistic too. So what's the safest position with the Sex Doll?

    1. Missionaries

    The missionary and missionary posture is one of the postures in which humans have sexual intercourse and is a relatively common posture where two people face each other in front of each other. A feeling of tight insertion and a feeling of contact with the whole body can be obtained. The missionary pose is the easiest sex pose for beginners. This is easy to do if you have a good quality TPE love doll.

    2. Doggy style

    Dog pose is a sexual pose. But when both are standing, it is also called "standing". Plus, there are other types, and if you want to penetrate deeper into real-life sex, you're probably doggy-style.

    If you prefer life-size TPE sex dolls, you can use the same style. She lifts her hips and places your doll on her extremities. If necessary, prop up some pillows to reach the correct height you need to penetrate deeply.

    These are the safest sex positions, especially if you are using a TPE sex doll. Of course, there are many other poses you can enjoy. You just have to experiment and find what you feel most comfortable with.

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