Why is an Adult Solid Sex Doll heavier than a human being?

  • Silicone dolls, also called physical dolls, are derivatives of sex dolls. Its appearance, texture and fidelity are much larger than inflatable dolls, and the corresponding cost and price are also higher. The Love Doll weighs less than 60 pounds but feels heavier than a 100-pound live human. Is this an illusion?

    It is not only single men who buy silicone dolls, but also elderly people living alone, elderly women, and people with social disabilities, who place their unsatisfied desires in real life on silicone dolls.

    Silicone material feels more real

    The silicone doll feels soft and elastic, very similar to the real human muscle tissue and skin, making you feel more realistic when you enjoy sex. Feel the bounce when you touch her, it feels really good. And heavier dolls have better carrying capacity and can ride on her and swing freely. Don't worry, the doll will be deformed or damaged.

    Although the doll may be a little heavier, this weight brings the ultimate sexual enjoyment that is completely different from ordinary inflatable dolls and maximizes the sensory experience of interacting with real people. You need to communicate more with TPE Sex Doll. Natural carry and release are also a great opportunity to build strength.

    How to hold Sex Doll more effortlessly?

    You have to hug her hips in a very romantic way, turn around and hug with Lifelike Sex Dolls. Turn on her, move your hips, and put your hands on the love doll's feet! This is the octopus hug. Hold your baby's buttocks with both hands.

    Princess hug. The men held the Love doll in the air and looked at each other. The doll's hands hooked around the boy's neck, looking very romantic. The doll can be wrapped naturally or rocked by hand to maintain good posture. Satisfy any of your sexual fantasies. Sit back and do a little exercise. It is easy to improve the way to sleep.

    Due to their material properties, silicone fantasy sex doll can easily assume the position you want, sitting, standing, lying on your side and spreading your legs. Dolls can satisfy your random excesses if you want.

    All of the above poses can be mastered, and there is always one that suits you. The sex doll princess put his feet, stockings and skirt on him and he is ready to continue wearing it as he prepares to adorn his head and hair. Then start enjoying your exclusive sex journey.