Outdoor Furniture Variations Every Garden Should Have

  • Gardens with enough space to house furniture should be equipped with them unless that space is to be used for growing more plants. The truth is, a well-kept garden is rarer these days as homeowners don't have the time to tend to precious outdoor space. Setting up a few well-chosen chairs and tables can make a huge difference and serve as a much-needed resting spot.

    In the past when families had only one breadwinner - the husband or the father - women were the primary gardeners. The scenario has changed now and many families have multiple breadwinners. While this increases income manifold, certain 'duties' have taken a backseat. So what we have today are upscale houses and only a few with attractive gardens. Fortunately, it's not all that difficult to compete with our ancestors and the furniture listed below provide the tools to start with.

    Lounge chairs

    Lounge chairs are the most basic and most vital outdoor furniture components. There are many varieties, some in the form of sun chairs, others in the form of poufs and more in the form of wicker chairs.

    • Sectional sofas are great for both outdoor and indoor use. They can be moved to cater to different arrangements so if a single sofa is needed all that has to be done is to arrange the sections in a line or a curve.

    • Recliners are another, having levels that allow the chair to be pulled upright or turned down fully reclined. Some models have a drinks tray and wheels.

    • Poufs are simple upholstered backless stools that serve as seats or small tables. They're extremely comfortable and lightweight.


    Outdoor table styles can have any design. The more important factor is material. Wood is a top choice provided it's teak, redwood, cedar or pressure-treated pine. Paint application is advised for inclement weather protection. Iron is another though pure wrought iron furniture is difficult to come by. Plastic is a third option and unlike in the past, modern plastic outdoor tables can mimic different finishes and don't look tacky.


    Hammocks suit any garden arrangement. They're fun to use, utterly relaxing and inexpensive. Spreader hammocks are the most common along with Mayan hammocks. More expensive varieties like quilted hammocks can be purchased though the comfort level isn't necessarily higher or lower.


    Structures are best installed in large gardens otherwise they can eclipse whatever little space is there. Gazebos are the most popular because of their design and large interior space. They're open on all sides, are roofed and tend to feature ornamental detailing. Another choice is arbors which may be completely roofed or latticed and with open sides. Unlike gazebos which are used as seating areas, they're mainly installed to encourage the growth of climbing plants and serve as a source of shade.


    Garden umbrellas are used more to provide shade rather than guard against rain. They usually come as a set with a table and chairs though independent varieties are also available. If used on the poolside, arranging them in rows provides enough ornamentation. Choose colorful tops for an eclectic garden design or sober tones teamed with wicker furniture for a traditional look.

    These are a few examples of what gardens can use to enhance appearance. Components like fire pits and water features can also be teamed up though the latter is best installed in large gardens. Once your outdoor space has all the essentials, it can serve as the perfect setting for social gatherings and family time.

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