Discover the Beauty of Hanging Egg Chairs

  • Nothing beats kicking your feet up on your porch or patio on a warm summer day—and with a patio heater, one can do the same in the fall and winter, too! While ordinary patio furniture is a terrific option, and even camping chairs may suffice, hanging egg chairs elevate things to new heights. They're an excellent way to combine the soothing "rock" and weightlessness of a hammock with the support of more traditional furniture (in that view, they're similar to rocking chairs!).

    Hanging egg chairs are a popular addition to any garden these days. These chairs compliment any outdoor environment, whether on the grass, garden, balcony, or greenhouse. They're comfortable, elegant, and Instagrammable.

    The hanging egg chair is a traditionally stylish patio element with design origins in the sixties. Its charming design, maybe the ultimate indulgence in outdoor furniture, gives an idyllic area to snuggle up and chill, wrapping us as we float softly in the breeze.

    Since few of us have a mature oak tree in our backyard to swing from, most designs include a solid metal cantilever platform. The chair is then suspended from the ceiling by a sturdy chain and, occasionally, a large spring, providing a little bounce and making us feel comfortable and supported.

    While the natural habitat of a hanging egg chair is a patio or terrace, there are many indoor/outdoor designs to choose from. A natural rattan piece can bring a laid-back bohemian atmosphere to your interiors if you have the area.

    While we frequently connect false rattan with less expensive items, materials like polythene rattan or bamboo are extremely robust and weather-resistant, including nearly hard to distinguish from real rattan. Poly-rattan is now used in some of the most costly luxury outdoor furniture collections.

    Egg chairs may have originated in the midcentury modern design era, but they've grown into the perfect lounge chair for cocoon-like comfort. Arne Jacobsen of Sweden designed the first egg chair in 1958, and it showed to be quite comfy – and popular. Fast forward roughly seven decades, and the egg chair has developed into various shapes, sizes, capacities, and designs.

    Patio egg chairs have far more cachet than a conventional outdoor chair, whether freestanding with their support system or suspended from the ceiling. Some egg chairs can even be hung from a tree, allowing you to transport that hammock-like comfort to a favourite backyard spot. Others have a stationary foundation that delivers the same egg-shaped comfort as the swinging and swaying versions.

    Egg chairs are now made from various materials, some of which are ideal for use in covered outdoor locations and others that can be used outside in the open. Whether you go with a traditional rattan that needs to be kept in a covered area or one of several weather-resistant versions, the style possibilities are plentiful, so you'll have no trouble finding one that fits the feel of your outdoor space.

    It also means that deciding where you'll put the hanging egg chair is crucial. For comfort, all egg chairs require a cushion, yet most include one that is the proper size for the chair. Ensure that any exterior cushions you use in the chair are weather-resistant, and remember that no matter what chair you put them on, leaving outdoor pillows in the rain is not a good idea.


    • Of course, the hanging egg chair should be solid and sturdy, with a strong powder-coated steel frame.
    • For optimal comfort, depending on your design, it should come with thick, soft, weatherproof cushions, though you can also purchase them separately.
    • Check the size - a single hanging chair is designed to support one person, while double egg chairs on the sale will fit two people. However, always check the maximum weight and stick to it for your safety.
    • Most of these outdoor egg chairs are composed of resin, Textilene, or synthetic rattan/wicker.
    • It must be weatherproof, and UV protected since tehre are times you will expose it to direct sunlight.
    • Sometimes, it will most likely remain there.
    • However, store or cover pillows to safeguard them to protect it. If a chair cover isn't included, we recommend purchasing one to protect it from the elements: sun, wind, tree sap, rain, bird droppings, frost, dust, and so on.