PKMBuy - How to Unlock 7 Star Cinderace Raid in Pokemon Scarlet

  • Just like the Charizard Tera Raid battle event, there are a few things you need to do to challenge the Charizard Tera Raid in Pokemon Violet or Pokemon Scarlet. You can Buy Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Custom at pkmbuy.

    Connect to the Internet by opening the in-game menu and pressing L. Open Poke Portal and press + to view news.

    To see 7-star black Tera crystals in your own game, you need to complete the steps to unlock 6-star raids (Complete the post-credit Academy Ace Tournament and defeat 15 5-star Tera raids.)

    If you haven't completed the steps above, you can still participate in Raids by joining Tera Raid Battles online--but you'll need a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. You may still need to unlock 6-star raids for 7-star Ash race raids to randomly appear online. However, no matter how your story progresses, you can use a link code to join someone (if they've already unlocked it).


    How to beat Cinderace Event Tera Raid Battle


    Find below details about the 7 Star Ash race's actions and strategies to counter it.

    Type: Fighting (Tera Type) - Weak to Psychic, Fairy, and Flying

    Ability: Libero (Hidden Ability - No Effect when Terastalized)


    Bulk Up - Buffs its Defense and Attack, it does this first in every battle, and will continue to use it

    Pyro Ball - Fire - It uses this move most often

    Iron Head - Steel

    Acrobatics - Flying

    High Jump Kick - Fighting

    You need to use level 100 Pokémon

    Cinderace will have Fighting Tera type, making it weak to Psychic, Fairy and Flying.

    Cinderace the Unrivaled is a physical attacker

    Its defense and special defense are equal

    We recommend using Psychic-type Pokemon. Unfortunately, Fairy-type Pokémon like Azumarill and Dachsbun are vulnerable to Cinderace's Iron Head. We used the psychic Espathra.


    Best Cinder Counter

    Consider Espathra, Armarouge, or Slowbro

    Espathra's ability is opportunistic, and it boosts the same stats its opponents boost. So whenever Cinderace boosts its Attack and Defense with Bulk Up, Espathra will automatically keep up with it. It's also a very easy to get Pokémon. We used two Espathra and two NPCs and were successful most of the time.

    Armarouge can provide reflexes and acid spray support, and can use Expanding Force on Psychic Terrain to deal a lot of damage. Plus, it's immune to fire attacks and burns! Indeedee has a hidden ability, Psychic Surge, which is Armarouge's powerful support Pokémon, and uses it without itself.

    Slowbro is a bit gimmicky, but can do massive damage to Cinderace as long as it doesn't debuff first! The idea is to max out its Defense with Iron Defense, then max out its Special Attack with Dirty Intrigue while healing as needed with Slack Off. Stored energy then does a lot of mental damage. We can buy Pokemon Scarlet Violet Terastal Pokemon at PKMBuy.

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