PKMBuy - How to beat the Paradise Protection Protocol in Pokemo

  • The story of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet continues after defeating the Elite Four. In fact, players will find an entire vast subterranean area called Zone Zero, filled with powerful Paradox Pokémon from the past or future, depending on which version they're playing. The zone's final boss and game includes two tough battles between the trainer and the Heavenly Protection Protocol. While the first battle included fighting the AI version of the game's professor, Heaven's Protection Protocol will force you to fight and win the game's version of the Legendary Pokémon to actually complete the story. Here's how to overcome the final encounter in Scarlet and Violet. You can Buy Shiny Pokemon at PKMBuy.

    How to Beat Heaven's Guardian Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet
    Heaven's Protection Protocol will let you fight Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet. Koraidon is level 66 and is a dragon/fighting type. Although it has high attack attributes and speed, it has a huge disadvantage of being double weak against fairy types. This means that as long as you bring a team with one or more powerful goblin types, you can easily shut down Koraidon. Other good types include flying, psychic, ice, or dragon.

    Most players will immediately think Tinkaton is a good choice, but if it can't attack fast enough, being part of the steel can get knocked out. By now, you should have stumbled upon a quivering mane or a screaming tail in Zone Zero. Both of these Pokémon can easily shut down Koraidon with a single Moonblast or other powerful Goblin type attack. They also have enough physical strength to survive legendary Pokémon.

    How to Beat Miraidon, Guardian of Heaven in Pokemon Violet
    Heaven Protection Protocol will let you fight Miraidon in Pokémon Violet. Miraidon is level 66 and is a dragon/electric type. Miraidon is a bit harder than its legendary counterpart from Scarlet, as it doesn't have a double weakness to any type. However, it does have a lot of weaknesses. Miraidon is vulnerable to ground, ice, dragon and elf types.

    Your best bet is to hit Miraidon with a powerful ground Pokémon. Clodsire is a good choice when it comes to taking a beating. Miradon can outrun almost any ground type, so Clodsire is safer than other types. It has amazing size and high special defense, and is immune to electric shock, which means it will shut down a lot of things that Miraidon can do. It can also use Yawn attacks and Toxic, which means it either takes Miraidon out of combat for a while, or rots it with poison.

    Fighting AI Sada and AI Turo before the final showdown is no easy feat, so be prepared. Leprechaun types work well in all situations here, and you can't go wrong with most counters, as long as they have power attacks.

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