What time does Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have Cinderace raids?

  • The year is almost over, but Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have at least one more raid before the calendar rolls. The game's final 2022 raid is a seven-star Tera Raid Battle that will have trainers fighting and capturing Cinderace, reports Serebii. You can Buy Shiny Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at pkmbuy.

    As you might expect, Cinderace is uncapturable in any form in either game, so players looking to fill out as many PokeDex as possible will definitely want to check it out. While Cinderace is usually a Fire-type Pokemon, this special Raid Cinderace will be of the special Fighting Tera type, and will have a Mightiest Mark to indicate it was captured in the Raid.

    The seven-star Cinderace Tera Raid Battle will be available in two different time slots. The first kicks off on December 29th at 7:00pm ET / 4pm PT and will continue until December 31st at 7:00pm ET / 4pm PT. The second will run from January 12th at 7pm ET / 4pm PT until January 14th at 7pm ET / 4pm PT. This might be your only chance to catch Cinderace this generation, so don't delay.

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are generally considered two of the better entries in the series in recent years. However, Nintendo recently promised to fix performance issues with both games, leading to a large number of Pokemon fans demanding refunds within the first week of release.

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