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decided to get stuck in to CarX Drift Racing Online

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    January 20, 2021 7:52 PM PST

    CarX Drift Racing Given that CarX Drift Racing Online features a ton of car parts bodykits and the opportunity to create your own vinyls as well you’ll undoubtedly be able to drift with a unique style using a setup that’s best for you. Should the realism of CarX Drift Racing Online entice you in to make a purchase then a short trip to the Xbox Store and a payment of £24.99 is all that’s necessary. Once that’s done you’ll be hitting those clipping points and doing donuts before you know it. Don’t forget to come back here though as we’d love to hear your thoughts on CarX Drift Racing Online after spending some time playing it.

    With the immortal lines of the protagonist of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift ringing in my ears and the best/worst southern American accent I’d ever heard making me smile a new drifting game has appeared on the Xbox One. Now I’m used to playing racers and drifting despite what the game wants you to do like in Forza Motorsport where you can drift but almost feel the weight of disapproval from the developers when you do. So with the developers CarX Technologies (hit them up on Facebook and Instagram) building a game where drifting is not only tolerated but pretty much mandatory I pulled on my Nomex romper suit and decided to get stuck in to CarX Drift Racing Online.Hope this content is useful to you. Also, for more CarX Drift Racing Online  guides, please click

    Drift Racing has been along for some time now and the fact that it’s still trending may be the most eloquent argument regarding its success. But before telling you what we love about it let’s go through a short description of this game. You have a car. You have winding asphalt stretches. You have to keep the car sliding for as long as possible as wide as possible. And that’s about it. The game’s simplicity is one of its important perks. In a world where the in-app purchases are making the worst out of a game CarX Drift Racing puts you at work and teaches you that not everything is for sale.