Animal Crossing: New Horizon will receive a free "Mario" theme

  • Animal Crossing players will usher in a surprise, and that is Animal Crossing: New Horizon will receive a free update with the theme of Super Mario in March this year. Previously, Nintendo broke the news in a short film to promote the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizon Festivale event on January 28. Festivale hosted by the village tourist Pavéthe Dancer is a carnival-like event scheduled to be held on February 15.

    In fact, after showing the celebration, including a lot of dancing and confetti, the trailer shifted the stalls to the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket monthly free update in March. Although Nintendo did not immediately confirm the release of Mario-themed content, it did hint at a cross between screen mushrooms and superstars.

    Although these have not been completely determined, you can see that the mobile derivative product "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" introduces items from the Mario series as part of finding and making items. Although the March update is new, the gift of Super Animal Mario has been around since Animal Crossing made its debut on the Western GameCube, from Koopa shells to coins, and everything in between. The update centered on Mario is likely to celebrate MAR10 on March 10.

    Celebrate everything in Mario Animal Crossing: New Horizon virtually. Following the upcoming virtual flyover tour of the Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios Japan, the opening time of the park has now been postponed indefinitely. According to The Verge, due to the rising COVID-19 infection rate, the Japanese government has re-entered a state of emergency, so Mario fans will have to celebrate MAR10 at home.

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