Save Laurent in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

  • Players will receive instructions after completing the Battle of Venthyr in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, and then they need to rescue Laurent in Ember Ward. In the game, there are not so many instructions on how to perform this rescue. So many fans also fell into deep thought.

    At the 26th and 49th coordinates of Revendreth, Laurent can be found southwest of Sinfall. Players who want to view these coordinates on the in-game map can use various add-ons. These add-ons are easy to find Laurent.

    After WoW players find Laurent at this location, they can complete the task chain he provided. The mirror image that forms the main storyline is the chain of interest, which contains tasks such as "unfortunate circumstances" and "only ashes remain".

    Players who want to access the last few chapters of the WOW Classic Gold For Sale Venthyr movement require certain Renown requirements. The conclusion will be unlocked in Renown 22. Before being instructed to rescue Laurent from Ember Ward, many players had achieved the necessary level of Renown. Some fans may need to improve. Every week, there are several ways to gain prestige in Shadowlands. Players who need to improve will also be provided with a catch-up mechanism.

    Renown played a major role in advancing the Cheap WOW Classic Gold "Convention" story. He was also inextricably linked to the reception of special cosmetics, Soulbinds and other products. Players can get some other incentives to improve reputation. The sources of various loot are in Shadowlands. Players who need WOW Classic Gold can purchase it directly on MMOWTS.