Pacifists in World of Warcraf

  • World of Warcraft is based on killing. For this forced violence, a player has been resisting. He is a pacifist panda monk named Doubleagent, and he has reached the new upper limit of 60.

    He must choose one of the two factions of the Alliance and the Horde to join, which is why he never left Wandering Island. The pawn of the two military regimes is responsible for killing millions of people.

    This great achievement is very boring. In an area specially designed for new characters, if players kill creatures in this area or they pick a small amount of experience of flowers for herbal skills in the case of Doubleagent. Then the players will be rewarded.

    Once, I spent 8,000 hours in the game, and I have reached the highest level during the legion expansion period. In 2016, I interviewed Doubleagent. In 2018, Battle for Azeroth has been launched and its upper limit has been increased to 120. In order to upgrade in the game, Doubleagent estimated that it took 240 hours.

    The latest flower picking activity took Doubleagent very little time. After Shadowlands went online 18 days ago, his Cheap WOW Classic Gold leveling speed has been greatly accelerated. However, he did not share how much time he actually spent.

    The WOW Classic Gold For Sale scene of Doubleagent's slow journey was not broadcast live to level 60. The players have gathered together in the past few years to celebrate his achievements in the game, which seems very interesting.

    One of the few World of Warcraf players known for its unique game style is Doubleagent. DesMephisto is the best speed runner in World of Warcraf. He is famous for elevating all 49 independent fighter characters to the highest level. Players attach great importance to performance in the game. Novice players will encounter a lot of difficulties in the game, they need the same important WOW Classic Gold in the game. I think MMOWTS is a very reliable website.